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About Jason

From the ground up  

Jason Thomson has spent his life with horses.  Together with his wife Stacey Thomson, Jason currently runs Jacey Ranch; a family business dedicated to producing roping and barrel horses, as well as coaching riders in rodeo sports. The ranch, located outside of Guelph, Ont., is home to Jason, Stacey and their two young children. 

Jason is a strong believer that a broke horse is a happy horse.  He prides himself on providing horses with every opportunity to be successful through good education and training, and of course, a good foundation from the ground up.

With nearly three decades of farrier experience, and an open mind committed to learning and improving, Jason is able to offer fellow riders the best hoof care possible for their equine athletes. With a focus on creating balanced feet for symmetry and soundness, Jason has worked with eventers, hunters, jumpers, dressage horses, reiners, ropers and polo horses with winning results. 

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