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Farrier Services

Professional Hoof Care


With nearly 30 years of experience, Jason has had the opportunity to work on horses of all types, competing in eventing, hunters, jumpers, dressage, rening, roping and polo.

Always focusing on learning and improving skills to better understand the horse, Jason looks at each horse with an open mind, tailoring his work make the individual as healthy and sound as possible . He regularly attends workshops throughout North America, enhancing his lifetime of experience with current education and modern hoof care strategies. 


As a rider, coach and trainer himself, Jason has an advantage when shoeing to understand the biomechanics necessary for the longevity of the equine athlete.  Having the perspective of the riders and trainers let’s him understand them better.

Jason offers hot shoeing, corrective shoeing and trimming. He travels throughout Southern Ontario, with regular trips through Guelph, Orangeville and New Market. 

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